Metropolis Real Estate Developers

Land Investments

Our target

A. low price land in areas with a big growth potential.

B. land in the best locations of the cities with very good access ways and certain growth.

C. large surfaces of agricultural land all over the country, in very good soil conditions.

Our investments have been made in big cities, industrial, commercial and agricultural areas.

All the investments will be on short and medium term in periods of time between 2 and 6 years.

For profitable cases MRED will collaborate with construction companies to develop some real estate projects which will provide a bigger increase on the lands value (also buildings of great interest with architectural value only in very good locations).

At any time MRED's activity will be: marketing and buying the best land opportunities, increasing the value of the land by making all the urbanism documents, obtaining authorities approvals in order to provide the construction license as required by the technical parameters of the potential client.

MRED's objective is to achieve maximum returns through income and capital appreciation.

Metropolis Real Estate Developers - Land Investments